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Is iTunes U free to use?

Yes. All audio, video and PDF content of the Trinity site is free to download. iTunes software is also free to download from the Apple site.

Where can I download iTunes from?

Visit to download iTunes and follow the instructions in the left-hand panel.

Do I require iTunes and Apple products to use this service?

The iTunes software is required to access the iTunes U site. There are versions available for the Macintosh and Windows operating systems. Linux users can run iTunes for Windows with WINE software installed. For more details please go to

How do I access Trinity on iTunes U?

Make sure you have the most current version of iTunes. Next launch the iTunes application and click on “iTunes Store” in the store area of the source list. Select "iTunes U" in the top left navigation area under “Store”. Click on “Universities & Colleges” in the lower left navigation area under “Find Education Providers” Under “T” click on Trinity College Dublin. Alternatively, you can go directly to our iTunes U page via the "Open Trinity on iTunes U" link at

Will I have to pay to access Trinity on iTunes U?

No. You may freely preview and download all of the content from Trinity on iTunes U.

Do I require an MP3 player to use this service or do I have to use iTunes and Apple products to have access?

If you wish to listen or watch content on the go, then a mobile device is required. iTunes is optimized to work with Apple products such as an iPod or iPhone, however there is limited support for other devices. For audio files, all you will need is a player capable of playing .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files.

A mobile device is not essential, as users can keep the content on their computer or burn it to CD or DVD.
You do not need a Macintosh, iTunes, or an iPod to play the audio files. All you will need is a player capable of playing .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files. (AAC is not exclusively Apple's, although Apple prefers it to alternative file formats.)

What players do I need to play content on iTunes U?

You may use either iTunes or QuickTime for Windows to play .mp4 AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) files in addition to a number of other open source and shareware players that can be downloaded from the web. There are a growing number of portable devices that can play AAC files.

What copyright restrictions are on Trinity Content?

There are no DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions, so the content can easily be shared. However, we use Trinity College copyright release to provide protection for the content on the site.